In-Corporate People

In-Corporate People

In-Corporate’s Team

In-Corporate comprises an international network of expert coaches, facilitators, programme designers, client managers, programme coordinators, business practitioners and leading academics with a wide range of experience from diverse business sectors and disciplines.

Real World Expertise

We understand and have experience of the business challenges you face and we ensure we work with you and deliver material in a way that enables your executives to employ immediately and confidently the simplifying business frameworks and tools that our learning programmes provide.

Diverse Knowledge

Our diverse disciplines and international expertise enables us to deliver programmes to cross-functional and multi-national groups to bring a shared understanding across your organisation.

At Your Service

Our aim is to provide you with exactly what you need in the most appropriate way, providing bespoke learning interventions which work seamlessly with your existing employee development programmes to complement your employer brand values and build employee engagement. To achieve this, we liaise with key stakeholders in the learning experience to ensure we fully understand the organisational needs and learning objectives.

Our international network enables us to meet your needs where you need them met we deliver programmes around the globe in yours or other facilities chosen to meet your particular needs.