Client Challenges

Learning to Master Change

"Change is not what it used to be" - Charles Handy, 1991

Organisations are faced with multiple and conflicting contingencies with regard to meeting customer needs and require new competencies to master the challenges of change. The increasingly crowded market place, globalisation and fast changing technologies, demand higher levels of productivity, lower cost structures, faster paced innovation and creativity in products, services, processes and ways to serve the customer. This in turn creates a need for greater work intensification and workforce flexibility.

In response to such external and internal pressures, organisations are undergoing major changes on a regular basis through mergers and acquisitions, re-organisations, down-sizing, out-sourcing, divestments and through major systems and process innovations.

Many Change Initiatives Destroy Value

A high percentage of major change initiatives including mergers, acquisitions and re-organisations, fail to meet their objectives and destroy rather than create shareholder value.


  • a failure to address people dynamics
  • resistance, either rational or emotional, to change from stakeholder groups
  • insufficient attention is given to market valued innovation

Successful change initiatives pay attention to an organisation’s culture, leadership styles, and team working. They support collaborative negotiation and decision-making and implement customer delighting innovation in product, service and processes to retain and maximise value.

In-Corporate works in partnership with you to craft an executive learning framework to provide the tools and develop the attitudes, behaviours and competencies to meet and overcome your external and internal challenges.