Developing Competencies and Skills

In-Corporate’s programmes can be tailored to develop the specific competencies and skills required in your organisation and by your people to respond to its unique challenges. Typically a training needs analysis is undertaken to identify the learning and development requirements of individuals and teams, from executive through to line manager level, to support the strategic purpose of the business and to deliver high performance in the business processes.

Examples of bespoke courses designed and delivered by In-Corporate include

Business Competency Development

  • marketing
  • sales management
  • product development
  • account management
  • business process re-engineering
  • project management

People Development

  • awareness of self & others to grow emotional intelligence
  • interpersonal and communication skills
  • collaborative negotiation skills
  • giving and receiving feedback
  • individual & team coaching for improved performance
  • leadership skills and behavioural flexibility to suit situational context

In-Corporate’s programmes integrate the learning needs of the individual with those of the organisation as a whole to deliver improved performance in key business processes and to support the organisation’s strategic intent.

competencies and skills development