Exemplar Executive Learning Design Framework

In-Corporate’s learning solutions are designed exclusively to meet your needs and therefore each programme is unique in both its content and delivery to the individual client. However, learning solutions which are designed to support corporate transformation typically include 3 modules to deliver

  • understanding of the purpose of the organisation
  • provide the tools and frameworks to implement the strategy
  • improve performance at an individual, team and organisational level and develop process excellence.

Each of the modules is usually between 3 to 4 days for up to 25 participants and is supported by individual, team and business project coaching. The modules are cascaded from the senior executive team through the organisation to front line managers. Output from each staff level is used as input to the next level and vice versa. The learning tools and outputs are accessible within a personalised e.enabled learning environment to capture learning and promote communication throughout the organisation subject to appropriate access and security privileges agreed with the client.

E-enabled learning

In-Corporate’s executive learning solutions provide an effective vehicle for achieving rapid success and sustainable impact on corporate transformation by

  • addressing change challenges within a framework of cascaded corporate learning
  • encouraging self-directed change
  • encouraging effective and efficient vertical and horizontal collaboration
  • by integrating and aligning organisational and indvidual learning needs within the relevant situational business context
  • encouraging clarity, alignment and synergy between the principle business development vectors of purpose, people and process