Individual Executive Coaching

Individual Executive Coaching

Learning to Achieve More...

Individual coaching and development focuses on developing the full potential of individuals in a confidential, personalised way. Leadership development often includes a component of improving self-understanding, interpersonal behaviors and self-management. These interventions are often set-up in a highly tailored individual format through a combination of assessment, confidential and safe feedback on own style and preferences and supportive dialogue to develop improvement actions on the job.

Flexible Format

The coaching format can be face-to-face meetings or telephone coaching sessions, organised according to the preference and time availability of the person receiving the coaching.

Tools and Deliverables

A variety of methods and techniques are applied for individual development, dependent on the degree of awareness or skills mastery that is required. Classroom instruction can be combined with assessment, one-to-one feedback, reflection, video-taped practice sessions and self-observation. In-Corporate combines self-help resources and self-directed learning tools such as electronic action planning and pathfinders with voluntary access to expert coaching advice.