Tailored Learning Interventions

Executive learning interventions are frequently used to support strategic change - our learning solutions aim to transform businesses for the better at an organisational and individual level.

Unique solutions to meet unique situational challenges

Through a process of careful inquiry and innovative programme design we define and respond to the unique needs and core challenges facing our clients at a global and local level to provide robust and integrated learning solutions which are based on our clients’ real life business issues at an individual and organisational level. We consider the most appropriate learning methods in the context of the client’s organisational structure, culture, markets and future challenges as well as tailoring the course content to ensure the learning is transferred effectively into the workplace for the benefit of the individual, team and organisation.

Integration of internal and external expertise

We draw on the expertise from within our client organisations and integrate this with that of external academics and industry practitioners who provide different perspectives from best-in-class companies to provide truly bespoke executive learning solutions.

Client branded to support employer brand values

Our programmes can be branded and tailored to support your employer brand and values.

E-Enabled Learning Environment

In-Corporate’s integrated learning solutions can also include a personalised e-enabled learning environment where participants can access programme information, background reading and contact course facilitators and complete on-line psychometric tests if required.

Flexible delivery

Delivery of the learning programme is tailored to your requirements at venues, timing and frequency of your choice. Typically, modular programmes are preferred of 3-5 day duration rolled out over 12 month to 2 year time frame, although more intensive programmes can be provided as necessary to suit specific business needs.