Team Development

Team Development

"None of us is smarter than all of us" - Ken Blanchard, One Minute Manager

Building high performing teams is crucial to deliver quick results in increasingly complex and demanding environments. The loss of opportunity and cost arising from under-performing teams is high. In-Corporate’s team coaching programmes are used to strengthen management capabilities of working across disciplines and functions, often in an international and cross-cultural environment.

In-Corporate uses widely researched and proven methods in creating top teams and experienced human dynamics coaches. Our team development approach includes:

  • creating awareness of relationship dynamics
  • providing peer feedback
  • practicing team leadership skills
  • understanding team roles
  • resolving team conflicts
  • collaborative negotiation and decision–making skills
  • effective change management skills
  • facilitation of creating solutions to real life business issues

In-Corporate’s approach is unique in the way it enables teams to test and practice behaviours in a safe peer environment and stimulates high performance team working whilst resolving real-life business challenges.